Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2008


1. Amy Winehouse: horrible, even creepy. It's all I got to say.

2. Katie Holmes: over valuated. She had good days, but most of the time showed her incapacity to match clothes with handbags and shoes.

3. Mary-Kate Olsen: i'm sorry, girl. You were one of my top fashion icons, but this year wasn't good for you at all.

4. Madonna: she has to realize she's not 15 anymore. Put some clothes on! In this photo she looks like a clown.

5. Pamela Anderson: everytime I saw photos of her, an "EW" came out of my mouth. Terrible.

6. Britney Spears: nothing to say. This wasn't a good year for Britney either.

7. Helena Bonham-Carter: she looks like a vampire with bad taste in clothes. vampires have good taste in clothes? The guy from Twilight did. Ah! And in this picture, she looks like a bum.

8. Lily Allen: oh lord. If you got legs like that, try to hide them! But she did the exact other way.

9. Phoebe Price: i just have to say OMG. What is she trying to do?!?! This kind of people murder the word fashion.

10.Mischa Barton: I'll say the same thing I told Mary Kate. This wasn't a year for you. Starting from the cellulite thing, your fashion picks weren't great at all.

Best dressed of the week

December 24 - 31
Three girls amused me, and here they are

+ Jessica Alba

+Kristin Cavallari

+ Kim Kardashian

Hot Picks: FOREVER 21

Chic and comfy, this month's collection, from Forever 21, seems to mix street style, vintage and some retro. I picked and matched a complete outfit to give you an idea of the great things this store has for you. Prices? You'll get shocked. This cardigan is only $24.80, shorts are $5.50 (believe it!), tights are about 4 dollars, boots are $32 and this nice doodle tote is $5.50. A whole new outfit for less than 65 bucks. Quite a deal, right?


Talking Fashion: ALEXA CHUNG

"I'm 24, from Hampshire and I've done modelling for about three years. I just really wanted to get into presenting or acting so that's why I've been hanging around in the fashion industry, hoping an audition might crop up. And it did, which is ace"

This IT girl style is making waves that span the Atlantic Ocean. She's the fashion icon for thousands and thousands of girls around the world, who get inspired in her
cassual style.

Girls like Chung are what the streets want. They are the essence of
street style. They may wear designer clothes, but their style is a hundred percent plagiable. You can buy things that look a lot-like-their in vintage stores or just...assault your mother's closet!