Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fashion Essentials: Chanel 2.55

Probably Coco Chanel wasn't aware of the fact that she was creating an historical bag. But the truth is that in february of 1955, thanks to the inspiration of it's creator, an emblema accesory was born: Chanel 2.55.

This bag is the only one of it's nature that we can call mythical. Which of you haven't dreamt of having one of those? Who wouldn't want to have a bag as beautiful as this one, the only one that combines with everything, from jeans and a cotton shirt to an elegant party dress.

According to the legend, Coco was inspired -to create the 2.55- in the padding of saddles that she often saw in Suresnes racecourse in Paris. With the advent of Karl Lagerfeld to Chanel, the bag was rejuvenated. The kaiser impose certain changes to the 2.55 in size and shape. In 2004, the line was updated and recieved a new name: Cambon, in honor to the street where Coco Chanel used to live in Paris.

Nowadays, celebrities love this bag and they use it in various colors, as red, pink, white, black, etc. Want one? Get a few thousand dollars.

Steal Style: Olivia Palermo

Do you know somebody else that has a style like this?Have you ever seen a girl who looks perfect and polished everyday and every hour? Well, if you do, it may be for sure, Olivia Palermo. This Manhattan -royalty- girl starring in MTV's "The City" along with Whitney Port, looks perfect everytime a camera comes in her way.

Olivia is concious of her "queen of Fifth Avenue" role, so she's very meticulous when it comes to fashion. She isn't a fan of the messy style that most people of her age love. Her style is more formal, elegant and chic. Palermo always look harmonious, and has the power of turning any piece of cloth in an elegant thing to wear. This
socialité loves combining black and white.

Her favorite garments are blazers, skinny pants, pencil skirts, boots, peep toes and designer handbags. Some people say that Olivia's style and bitchy personality inspired the producers of Gossip Girl to create Leighton Meester's character, Blair Waldorf.