Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beauty look: Statement Lips

Lipstick as a glamourous accessory. Let them make the look.

        Passionate Red 

                                               Exotic Pink                                                  Tangerine

                                                 Kiss me red                                                  Neon pink

                                              Fancy Orchid                                        Orange Fizz

In Vogue: Florals

Floral bloom is going to be a mainstay in everybody's closet from january to december. In winter, combine a floral dress (for example) with a jacket (a leather jacket, for example) , opaque tights and high heels. In summer, use a floral skirt or top with a nice pair of sandals and a straw hat.

From sexy to hippie

Chic with biker short leggings


                                                                         Floral accesories


Dresses + Jacket 


                                                                     Summer VS Winter


Best Dressed: Teen Choice Awards '10

                                           Victoria Justice                                          Nina Dobrev

                                                                         Ashley Greene