Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2008


1. Amy Winehouse: horrible, even creepy. It's all I got to say.

2. Katie Holmes: over valuated. She had good days, but most of the time showed her incapacity to match clothes with handbags and shoes.

3. Mary-Kate Olsen: i'm sorry, girl. You were one of my top fashion icons, but this year wasn't good for you at all.

4. Madonna: she has to realize she's not 15 anymore. Put some clothes on! In this photo she looks like a clown.

5. Pamela Anderson: everytime I saw photos of her, an "EW" came out of my mouth. Terrible.

6. Britney Spears: nothing to say. This wasn't a good year for Britney either.

7. Helena Bonham-Carter: she looks like a vampire with bad taste in clothes. vampires have good taste in clothes? The guy from Twilight did. Ah! And in this picture, she looks like a bum.

8. Lily Allen: oh lord. If you got legs like that, try to hide them! But she did the exact other way.

9. Phoebe Price: i just have to say OMG. What is she trying to do?!?! This kind of people murder the word fashion.

10.Mischa Barton: I'll say the same thing I told Mary Kate. This wasn't a year for you. Starting from the cellulite thing, your fashion picks weren't great at all.


  1. you judge like a bitch

    1. dear anonymous (next time please tell me your name!) hahahaha I wrote this four years ago, and I hadn't read it since then. I agree with you! I was a bitch.