Saturday, June 20, 2009

Steal Style: Shenae Grimes

This girl from Toronto is becoming -step by step- a total referent in terms of style. You don't know her? She's one of the principal characters in CW'S series "90210", and also starred in Degrassi.
Only 19, Shenae has stood out -even more than for being a good actress- for her casual, comfy and original look. Her style is a good example of what we call "street style"...she's always wearing cotton shirts, leggings, plain boots and Converse snickers.

In a recent interview with Seveteen, Shenae admitted that her favorite places to shop aren't like the typical choice of celebrities. "I love Urban Outfitters — it’s an amazing staple. Also, Forever 21 and H&M", she said. The actress told the magazine that "a pair of Chanel pink-toe classic 2-inch pumps with a gold chain across the toe and quilted heel" is one thing her closet could never part in, along with her "cropped blazer from Urban Outfitters that goes with everything".

Her style inspiration comes from Mary Kate Olsen. "Her and her sister are some of my favorite designers", Shenae told Seventeen. When asked about starting her own line, the actress said that she would love to do it one day: "I want to take baby steps. I think longevity is key in everything. Right now they’re just thoughts. Hopefully things will come into fruition".

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